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  • Nowon Youth Job&Work Experience Center launched by the city of Seoul

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    The third Seoul Youth Job&Work Experience Center is set to be launched by Seoul City in Hagye-dong, Nowon-gu. It has facilities to support adolescents in experiencing diverse jobs and to provide career education in preparation for the age of the fourth industrial revolution.

    Begun in November 2017, the construction was completed in April 2019, and a total project cost of KRW 9,968 million was injected for the establishment of the Center. After detailed programs for its operation came into place, the innovative space envisioning the future has been settled in the northeastern part of Seoul, a region relatively lacking in infrastructure.

    In particular, at the Nowon Youth Job&Work Experience Center, career education is available based on cutting-edge industry culture, including AI and IoT, which are at the core of the fourth industrial revolution. The background concept is to create an innovative space visualizing the future, where adolescents can be inspired to incubate creative ideas.

    In addition, the Center will play the role of a platform where adolescents will not only experience jobs but also find employment thanks to the collaborative network between academia, industry, and the government, as well as the local community. In collaboration with the Division of Robotics of Kwangwoon University, which is in charge of consignment management of the Center, areas for experiencing self-driving motorcycles and wearable robots have been secured.

    In its first year of opening, the Center will run 18 programs in three fields, including △ Future Jobs (Design Convergence, Experiencing Devices Related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution), △ Support for Single-person Media Startups, △ Future Craft Workshop, △ Meister Academy, and more, helping participants explore career paths in preparation for future industries.

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