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  • Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters Extends Operation of Novel Coronavirus Suspected Patient Transfer Support Team

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 3152

    On January 27, the Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters promptly took aggressive countermeasures against the infectious Novel Coronavirus disease by organizing the ‘Suspected Patient Transfer Support Team’ (hereinafter, ‘Transfer Support Team’) for suspected patients who tested positive from ‘caution’ to ‘warning.’

    Duties of the Transfer Support Team include participation in supporting the transfer of suspected patients, support with the negative pressure ambulance and infection ambulances, medical consultation and situation control for citizens, and securement and purchase of items to prevent secondary infections.
    ○ Although it is a general rule for patients to be transferred to hospitals by community health center ambulances,
    ○ negative pressure ambulances (2) and infection ambulances (24) will be provided upon request for transfer by a 119 ambulance.
    ○ Masks and items for prevention of infections are purchased and supplied to prevent secondary infection and spreading of the disease to citizens and paramedics.