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  • Notice of Recommendation for Honorary Citizenship of Seoul

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    Notice of Recommendation
    Honorary Citizenship of Seoul

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government confers honorary citizenship upon international residents in Seoul in recognition of their contributions to the city and the local community, including being a role model to Seoul citizens as well as other foreign residents.

    1. Qualification for Honorary Citizenship of Seoul

    • 1) Current foreign residents who have resided in Seoul for more than three consecutive years and current or former foreign residents who have or had resided in Seoul for five cumulative years, having contributed to:
    • • Improving the status of the City of Seoul at home and abroad,

    • • Enhancing the quality of life and promoting cultural activities of citizens,

    • • The economic development of Seoul, or

    • • Introducing cutting-edge technologies in science and other industries.

    • * Note: Foreign residents refer to those who completed alien registration with the Immigration Bureau of the Republic of Korea. Those who are exempt from alien registration in accordance with applicable law/regulation, such as the holders of Official & Diplomatic passports, are also eligible.

    • 2) Important guests to Seoul or international residents in Seoul who are deemed as appropriate to receive the Seoul Honorary Citizenship.

    2. Nominators

    • 1) Heads of public organizations (Heads of national organizations and local governments, or those of corporations and public organizations whose purpose of existence was authorized by the heads of national organizations and local governments),
    • 2) Heads of civic organizations with more than 10 registered members, or
    • 3) More than 10 citizens of Seoul. (Joint signatures are required)

    3. Required documents

    • 1) A recommendation form: attached to this notice.
    • 2) A photo of nominees (3.5cm*4.5cm) taken within a six-month period.

    4. Submission

    • 1) Period: July 6, 2015 ~ July 31, 2015
    • 2) By postal mail or in person
    • – Address: International Relations Division, 8F, Seoul City Hall, 110 Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-744, Korea

    • – email : ysy0227@seoul.go.kr

    • • In case of submission by postal mail, the postmark date should be no later than July 31, 2015.

    • • Not only submission of a hard copy (original copy) of recommendation form via postal or in person, but also submission of soft copy (digital files) via e-mail is required to be made no later than July 31, 2015.

    5. Selection process

    • 1) The Seoul Metropolitan Government checks with the Immigration Bureau the alien registration and No, address, occupation, duration of residence in Seoul and National Police Agency criminal record of nominees. (Please find out the attached Immigration and Criminal Records Check Agreement Form.)
    • 2) The nomination is brought to the Selection Committee for the Honorary Citizenship of Seoul and Seoul Metropolitan Council for deliberation. Approximately 10 nominees will be approved as Honorary Citizens of Seoul.
    • • The Selection Committee will be convened in August of 2015.

    • • If more information about nominees is needed, the Committee will contact nominators to request additional information or confirm facts.

    6. Benefits for Honorary Citizens

    • 1) Conferred the medal, certificate and card of Honorary Citizenship of Seoul.
    • 2) Appointed as member of various committees of the city government or invited to official events.
    • 3) Free-of-charge admission to Seoul Grand Park.

    7. Others

    • 1) Recommendation form can be downloaded at “Seoul city hall (English)” website.
    • • Visit http://english.seoul.go.kr/

    • • Click “Notice of Recommendation for Honorary Citizenship 2015 of Seoul.”

    • 2) Those selected as Honorary Citizens of Seoul will be notified within seven days after Seoul Metropolitan Council confirms the result of the Selection.
    • • The conferment ceremony for Honorary Citizenship of Seoul will take place on October 28, 2015 at Sejong Center (Sejong Hall).

    • 3) Submitted documents will not be returned. For more information, please find the contact information.
    • • Ms. Yeom, Seo-yun, Tel : 02-2133-5278


    A recommendation form