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  • “A Notebook on the Labor Rights of Foreign Workers”

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    “My boss did not sign a labor contract, does not pay wages, and forces me to work overtime.”
    “The company says I can receive only 50 percent of my monthly wages and the rest will be paid in a lump sum when I go back to my home country, but I don’t believe it.”
    “Can I receive compensation from industrial accident insurance?”
    “I was sexually harassed at my workplace. What should I do?”

    This guidebook has been published in an effort to inform foreign workers of their labor rights and protect them from unfair treatment, such as overdue wages, unfair dismissal, and sexual harassment in the workplace, as well as to offer appropriate solutions.

    <Distribution of free copies of A Notebook on the Labor Rights of Foreign Workers, published in five languages, including English, Filipino, and Vietnamese>

    Seoul Metropolitan Government will publish and distribute free copies of A Notebook on the Labor Rights of Foreign Workers, which provides information on the labor system, rights of foreign workers, and labor-related laws of Korea that must be observed by employers. In order to make it accessible to as many people as possible, this booklet has been printed in Korean, English, Chinese, Filipino, and Vietnamese.

    Published in a cartoon and Q&A format, A Notebook on the Labor Rights of Foreign Workers provides essential information to foreign workers on Korea’s labor laws and standard labor conditions. The material was published in the size of a small notebook, making it easy to carry around and refer to whenever necessary.

    <Comprehensive information organized into 11 sections, including labor contracts, wages, industrial accident compensation, and dormitory life>

    The notebook contains a systematic summary of information necessary for foreign workers, who are particularly vulnerable and work under more unstable conditions than Korean nationals, and has been organized into 11 sections, including: ① Labor Contracts ② Working Hours, Holidays, and Leave ③ Wages ④ Severance Pay ⑤ Overdue Wages ⑥ Dismissal ⑦ Occupational Accidents ⑧ Protection of Female Workers ⑨ Sexual Harassment ⑩ Dormitory Life ⑪ Insurance for Foreign Workers.

    Furthermore, it offers detailed explanations of Korean labor rights, which apply equally to all workers, Korean nationals and foreign workers alike. It also answers many common questions: Why does a labor contract need to be signed? What should I do in the event of overdue wages or unfair dismissal? How should I respond to occupational accidents, sexual harassment, and violence (or verbal abuse)?

    The appendix of the notebook contains an overview of the Employment Permit System, major services and contact numbers of institutions that assist foreign workers, and the wage calculation table form, which helps workers calculate the correct amount of wages for the hours worked.

    If you have any questions about the contents of the notebook, or if you are a foreign worker whose labor rights have been infringed upon, please contact the Seoul Global Center or Foreign Migrant Workers Center for assistance.

    ∗“Notebook on Labor Rights of Foreign Workers” To view : http://english.seoul.go.kr/category/get-to-know-us/seoul-views/library/brochure/

    <List of institutions dealing with foreign workers in Seoul>

    ∗ Seoul Global Center

    No. Center Website
    1 Seoul http://global.seoul.go.kr/
    2 Southwestern part of Seoul http://www.seoulmc.kr/

    ∗ Seoul Global Migrant Workers Center

    No. Center Website
    1 Seongdong http://www.smwc.or.kr/
    2 Seongbuk http://www.ewolgok.or.kr/
    3 Gangdong http://www.gdwow.or.kr/
    4 Geumcheon http://www.gmwc.or.kr/
    5 Eunpyeong http://www.emwc.or.kr/
    6 Yangcheon http://www.shinmok.or.kr/business/menu7.html