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  • Noonnamujip(눈나무집) in Samcheongdong

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    Hello everyone! I am going to introduce a recent HOT place to eat in Seoul, especially among young Koreans today. It’s located in Samcheongdong, close to Insadong(where people usually go for souvenir shopping) or Bukchon Hanok Village(where people go to see traditional houses), so you can have a lot to see by visiting this area. This area has many cool design shops, cafés, and famous restaurants-today’s one is one of them for its delicious ‘Tteokgalbi(Grilled Short Rib Patties)’ and Kimchi noodle-cold noodle soup with Kimchi. Above all, it’s really fantastic to eat Tteokgalbi at REASONABLE price. If you are interested in travelling one of the three areas, why don’t you try this restaurant? You can find it easily by remembering it’s a four-storeyed building and has a big TREE inside for the interior.