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  • Nice Forests and Valleys in Seoul

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    Hongjecheon Stream Seongnaecheon Stream
    Hongjecheon Stream Seongnaecheon Stream
    Inwangsan Forest Trail Neunggolsan Walking Path
    Inwangsan Forest Trail Neunggolsan Walking Path

    To share the charm of its diverse and beautiful trails, Seoul City has selected 40 themed places. The 40 ‘Themed Trail’ selected this time are: “Hangang/Stream Trail (14 places),” “Beautiful Forest Trail (14 places),” “Beautiful Valley Trail (1 place),” “Trail with Magnificent Sceneries (6 places)”, “Historical and Cultural Trail (5 places).”

    <Hangang/Stream Trail> The Hongjecheon Stream, located in Seodaemun-gu, was desolate and without water before being restored as an ecological river through the 5-year restoration project carried out from 2006 to 2011. Now, not only forsythias are in full bloom, but also carps and crucian carps can be appreciated by the river, along with its waterfalls and music fountains. Also, visitors can make use of the two free bicycle rental centers located by the river to go hiking.

    <Beautiful Forest Trail> While in the middle of Seoul, ‘Inwangsan Forest Trail’ is always full of beauty because the scenery around the trail changes depending on the season. While walking the wooded trail, visitors can enjoy historical places, and also see and listen to their stories.

    <Trail with Magnificent Sceneries> Although the ‘Hanumul Trail’, located in Geumcheon-gu, is a rocky mountain way that goes all the way up to Hanumul, everyone, regardless of age or gender, can normally climb it without difficulty. Hanumul (or Han Well, according to its meaning in Korean) is a huge well not to be compared with the size of normal wells. It is a mysterious historical site that does not run out of water even in times of drought.

    <Historical and Cultural Trail> The ‘Yanghwanaru Trail’, is a walkway that goes from the Yanghwajin Seongji Park until Mangwonjeong Pavilion, following what was the Yanghwajinnaru area in the past. Various historical and cultural places can be appreciated in this walkway, such as the cemetery of foreign missionaries who helped with the modernization of the Korean society in general during the early time of enlightenment, and the Yanghwanaru area, which was a strategic point of transportation from Seoul to Ganghwa.

    <Seoul’s Themed Trail Ⅲ> is available for purchase from January 31, 2018, at 3,000 KRW per unit at Seoul Bookstore, located in the first basement level of the main building of Seoul City Hall. Free download is also available on the website (http://ebook.seoul.go.kr).