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  • Korea – Immediate tax refund benefit upon purchase

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    Starting from January 1, 2016, foreign tourists will be eligible for immediate tax refunds when purchasing goods at a duty-free shop. Foreign tourists can now save time and effort in getting a tax refund, rather than having to pay the full price with tax included and then file a tax refund at the airport before departure. In 2016, customers will have access to an immediate duty-free return for non-Korean citizens who purchases of less than 200,000 won, and with a total price not exceeding 1 million won per visit. Also, those who use tax refund services for each item worth more than 50,000 won will no longer have to go through the existing inspection process. A screening procedure will be carried out only on selected purchases according to criteria at each local customs office in charge of the port of departure. The much-requested, prompt tax refund system aims to reduce the waiting time to receive a tax refund, making tourists’ trips more pleasant and convenient.