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  • Newly opened oil depot-turned Mapo Cultural Park to be celebrated with two-day festival

  • Press Releases SMG 1079
    • – The festival celebrating the opening of Mapo Cultural Park to be held from 14th to 15th October with a diversity of cultural events and programs
    • – The events to include a classic music concert, night markets, and tours to the oil depot-turned Cultural Park
    • – Citizens to take a main role of player who creates and enjoys cultural contents at this cultural park, not just as a user

    SEOUL, 12th October 2017 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced to hold a commemorating festival to celebrate the opening of Mapo Cultural Park during this weekend. The festival will offer colorful cultural events, performing arts, and exhibitions the citizens and visitors to Seoul can participate in and enjoy.

    Officially opened to the public as of 1st September 2017, the Mapo Cultural Park was transformed from an oil depot where had been designated as the first-class security facility and completely restricted the civilian’s access for the last 41 years.

    Scheduled to be held from 14th to 15th October, the festival is prepared to be led especially by the co-governance committee consisting of experts from the private sector and participating citizens.

    The events include a classic music concert presented by the Seoul Pops Orchestra, and a modern circus show performed by Bongnjoule, a circus group that plays the show with Chinese poles and tight wires. Also food and handcraft markets, such as “Seoul Bamdokkaebi (Gabin) Night Market” and “Dalsijang (Moon Market),” and other cultural events will delight the visitors.

    At six tanks inside the Park, respectively entitled as T1 to T6, diverse performing arts and exhibitions will be presented according to the characteristics of each tank – “MIIN,” a collaboration performance of media and dance, “Open-air Concert” starting with fanfare, and “Revolved Tank,” a program that visitors have an opportunity to experience the transformed tanks from oil tanks to cultural spots.

    The Mapo Cultural Park is seven minutes away on foot from the World Cup Stadium Station on the subway line 6. A walking trail winds up the slopes of Mt. Maebongsan, leading to a 93.9 meter-tall observation deck that looks down at the World Cup Stadium and neighborhoods of Mapo-gu.

    An official from an environmental civic group said, “We hope this place, where had been closed down for more than 40 years, will become a platform as a cultural space to offer continuous citizen-participating programs, so that the citizens should take a main role of player who creates cultural contents and enjoys it, not just as a user.” He added, “Please come and enjoy the festival, and celebrate together the opening of this park as an eco-friendly cultural complex.”