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Global Seoul Mate Activities

  • new track of Seoul DJ FLASH FINGER x Nicole Chen

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    13 January Seoul DJ Flash Finger released new song What! in collaboration with Nicole Chen who is Asias most successful female DJ. Flash Finger is not only DJ but also Producer, Writer, Vocalist, Keyboadist, Guitarist and part of band Newton. Lately Flash Finger released his new 5th album called “Collaboration” with his electronic band ‘Newton’. Several producers and singers in the Korean electronic music industry collaborated together for this album. Flash Finger is currently working as a producer and synthesizer for another electronic music group named ‘Beat Burger’ with SM Entertainment’s Shim Jae-won. His group ‘Newton’ is getting popular. He is the producer, vocalist and synthesizer in the group. The lyrics “We can make weekend” ask the audience to enjoy their everyday life like it’s the weekend. He would like to be a global DJ producer, performing in many gigs in foreign countries and seeking talented musicians in the world. Listen to his the newest song.