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City of Seoul

  • Our New Journey
    [New Spots in Seoul]

  • City of Seoul SMG 3002
    I can’t take this anymore
    Our 7-year-long relationship is now over
    For the past 7 years,
    We’ve been through many good times and hard times
    We were so young and in love
    But now,
    we are standing at the crossroads
    I told you it was too small
    I can wear it!
    Please tighten it more!
    I can’t take this anymore

    Will you marry me?
    We are getting married

    < 50+ Campus>
    < Culture Depot Base>
    There will be ups and downs in our future,
    but we will be next to each other, right?
    < Seoullo 7017>
    You and me together,
    there is nothing we can’t do!
    Oops, wrong place!
    In the city of Seoul, where we first met,
    our new journey of life is about to begin!
    New places open in 2018 @ Seoul
    Check out at www.2018seoul.com
    Seoullo 7017, Culture Depot Base, Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway, Seoul Battleship Park, Seoul’s Antitank Position, Sewing History Museum, Seoul Start-up Hub, Seoul Bio Hub, Yangjae R&D Innovation Hub, Seoul Innovation Park.

    Sewoon Again, 50+ Southern Campus, Seoul University of Free Citizens, Gyeongchun Line Forest, Seoul Science Center, Seoul Upcycling Plaza, Seoul Sewerage Science Museum, Seoul Botanical Garden, Ichon Hangang Ecological Park, Modu School