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  • Media Facade Renovated at Seoul Station Bus Transfer Center

  • Traffic News SMG 5727

    Bus Transit Center at Seoul Station

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has installed a new media facade equipped with updated hardware and software at the bus transit platform of Seoul Station. The term Media Facade is often associated with over-dimensional screens and animated, illuminated advertising. The facade itself is dematerialized and turned into one huge advertising medium for sending messages. It has emerged as a new architectural trend in the 21st Century. Its definition and display quality are improving daily. Real-time monitoring and marking of information has been made possible through the use of a remote control.

    The SMG has operated media facades in 12 bus transit platforms at Seoul Station since July 2009. It has adopted a new system with improved resolution, durability, and software to help people use the platforms more conveniently. The newly adopted system also indicates bus routes and numbers.

    Media facade 1

    Media facade 2