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[2014] Mayor’s Speech

  • New Landmark In Eastern Seoul

  • [2014] Mayor’s Speech SMG 1945

    Opening Ceremony of Guri-Amsa Bridge

    Date November 19th, 2014 | Venue South End of Guri-Amsa Bridge

    Gangdong-gu residents, it is a pleasure to see you all here today. I am the mayor of Seoul, Park Won Soon. Thank you so much for gracing this occasion with your presence despite the cold weather and your busy schedules. Guri-Amsa Bridge is finally open after eight years of construction. I can only imagine how happy you must be about this achievement.

    Guri-Amsa Bridge is the 30th bridge to be built over the Han River. It is part of the construction of a wide-area road system crossing the Han River connecting Gangdong-gu, Guri-si, and Jungnang-gu. It will reduce the travel time by around 40 minutes compared to Cheonho-daero, hugely contributing to traffic improvement and balanced development in Northeastern Seoul.

    During the construction, the Seoul Metropolitan Government operated the Han River Bridge Construction Site Experience Program for the bridge construction process, and approximately 1,200 citizens participated in 600 sessions of the program. The construction site was open to the public in transparency, building trust in the construction project and highlighting developments in construction technology.

    The main structure of this Guri-Amsa Bridge has been built in an arch, symbolizing the rising sun. It is in harmony with nearby historical remains, including prehistoric sites such as the Pungnaptoseong Fortress of Baekje and the remains of Goguryeo in Boruseong Fortress on Achasan Mountain, as well as with the surrounding landscape, including Gwangnaru Han River Park and Amsa Ecological Park. It is expected to be a new landmark in Northeastern Seoul.

    I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Gangdong-gu residents for cooperation in the process of the construction, as well as to the mayor of Gangdong-gu and officials concerned for their hard work leading up to today’s opening.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government promises to make continuous efforts for a balanced development of the Gangnam and Gangbuk districts and improve convenience in transportation. Congratulations on the opening of Guri-Amsa Bridge. Once again, I thank distinguished guests and local residents for attending this occasion.