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  • New “Environment Team” Established under Seoul-Beijing Integration Council, Full-fledged Cooperation Begins

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    The Seoul-Beijing Integration Council, which was founded to enhance comprehensive cooperation between Seoul and Beijing, has established the “Environment Team” and begun actively pursuing cooperation between the two cities. Established in 2013 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the sister city relationship between Seoul and Beijing, the Council is tasked with creating and implementing plans for mutually beneficial exchange and cooperation by matching and coordinating related departments of the two cities.

    During his official visit to Beijing, Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon met with Beijing Mayor Wang Anshun and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding the establishment of the Environment Team during the second general conference of the Seoul-Beijing Integration Council.

    The Climate & Environment Headquarters of Seoul Metropolitan Government and Beijing’s Environmental Protection Bureau will lead the newly created team and discuss the common environmental challenges that the two cities face. Specifically, the Environment Team will strengthen inter-city exchange in terms of environment policy, technology, and information and human exchange and make joint efforts in the areas of environmental protection and carbon reduction. With the new addition, the Seoul-Beijing Integration Council now consists of four teams, including the existing Economy, Culture, and Education teams.

    In his congratulatory speech, Mayor Park emphasized that “the two cities form a community that breathes the same air.” And he went on to add, “If our two cities conduct joint research on air pollution reduction technologies and capitalize on the outstanding technological expertise of our researchers and private enterprises, we will be able to achieve synergy and develop game-changing technologies.”