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  • New Dongdaemun Scenery DDP Opens on March 21

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    DDP, the new scenery in Dongdaemun and one dreamed of, made, and enjoyed by everyone, will open on March 21.  As the world’s largest 3D irregular structure, DDP will showcase scenery that changes according to the position of spectators by lifting the extra-large roof without any pillar using hi-tech design techniques and covering the exterior with 45,133 aluminum panels of different shapes.  Content


    Major events to be held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) Content

    Event name Time Place Major contents
    Gansong Culture 3.21~year round
    Design Museum Visitors can see the prototype of creative Korean design culture at the special exhibition of the items kept at Gansong Art Museum, including national treasures such as the manual of Hunmin jeongeum.
    Admission: 8,000 won
    Inquiry: +82-2-2153-0510
    Sports design: Sports and design for all 3.21~5.26
    Design exhibition hall Visitors can view history, innovation, and arts as well as the contribution and role of design in daily life through the realm of sports.
    Admission: 8,000 won
    Inquiry: +82-2-2153-0510
    Zaha Hadid_360° 4.4~5.31
    Lobby of design playground/
    International conference hall
    Visitors can experience the wide creative world of Zaha Hadid, a DDP architect moving in and out of genres, in the design exhibition.
    Admission: 4,000 won
    Inquiry: +82-2-2157-8866~7
    Enzo Mari design 3.21~6.21
    10:00~19:00 Igansu
    Igansu Exhibition Center The 50 years’ design works of Enzo Mari, a designer, thinker, and artist representing modern Italian design, are on exhibit.
    Admission: 4,000 won
    Inquiry: +82-2-2153-0510
    Ulm design and afterward:
    Graduate School Ulm 1953~1968
    Gallery Moon The history, design theories, and products of Graduate School Ulm, which had great influence on the modern education of design together with Bauhaus, are on exhibit.
    Admission: 2,000 won
    Inquiry: +82-2-2153-0510

    [Dongdaemun Design Plaza_ Sports Design] 


    [Dongdaemun Design Plaza _ Zaha Hadid]


    [Dongdaemun Design Plaza _ Zaha Hadid]

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