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  • New Climate & Environmental Governance Organization Launched for the City Government

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    Climate change continues to accelerate. The city of Seoul has launched a new control tower for the city’s countermeasures against climate change by reshuffling its Green Seoul Citizen Council.

    On November 1, 2012, the 9th Green Seoul Citizen Council was launched with dozens of representatives from a variety of fields such as civic advocacy, enterprises, environmental organizations, mass media, legal circles and the city administration, as its members. The council now participates in the formation of green policies as well as the promotion of the policies for the city.

    Presenting the certificates of appointment to them, Mayor Park said, “I hope that the council will now play a leading role in advancing the citizens’ way of life in very environment-friendly manner,” adding, “I will spare no efforts to help the council to function as a governance organization for the city rather than a counseling group.”

    Launched in 1995, Green Seoul Citizen Council has contributed to developing Seoul into an environmentally sustainable city.

    Since the 9th council has found new missions to fulfill, its organization has been enhanced significantly.

    Thirty percent of the previous members have remained. They will help the organization transition well and run as smoothly as before. New members include younger experts in their thirties and forties who are expected to add some fresh ideas and vitality to the organization. Experts in the fields of environmental health and resource recycling have also joined the council for the first time.

    The council is planning to recruit some ‘citizen councilors’ from ordinary citizenry through a public meeting to better reflect citizens’ opinions in the policy recommendations that the council makes. Specifically, it will hold more workshops and forums, initiate more policy contests and promote more Green Start programs. At the end of the day, the 9th council will propose and promote far more diverse policies and projects to make the city of Seoul more environment-friendly and sustainable.