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  • New City Hall to Be Completed in May 2012 as Eco-friendly Landmark

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government’s new City Hall, which is slated for completion in May 2012, will be constructed as an eco-friendly landmark that uses the largest volume of renewable energy among all buildings in Korea, including those in the private and public sectors.

    Perspective Drawing in the new Seoul City Hall

    The City Government is constructing the building, comprising five underground levels and 13 stories for a combined floor space of 71,811 sq. meters on a site covering 12,709 sq. meters, as a Grade 1 energy-efficient building.

    To transform the City Hall into an energy-saving building, the City Government has focused on the indoor space in the front section on the first floor, and remodeled it into an Eco Plaza. By maximizing the natural heating and cooling effects in this section, the City Government will create the world’s largest indoor ‘Green Wall’, which will create a much fresher environment as well as delivering air cleaning and energy saving effects.

    The City Government aims to create the world’s largest-scale indoor Green Wall, measuring about 2,000 sq. meters on the vertical walls, whose height ranges from about one to seven stories, across the glass walls of the indoor sections of the Eco Plaza, and has designed the facility to help lower indoor temperatures during the summer, and to generate oxygen and negative ions so as to create the freshest possible indoor environment, including air cleaning effects. The indoor green wall, which will be the world’s largest, will be built as an eco-friendly structure, and is expected to become the symbol of the new City Hall.

    The City Government expects that the creation of a large Eco Plaza will allow it to cut energy consumption by about 55 TOE per year. This is equivalent to 128 TCO2 in terms of carbon dioxide reduction, and will effectively reduce the consumption of energy for heating and air conditioning by about 10.5 percent.

    Also, the revamped City Hall will obtain 24.5 percent of its energy needs from eco-friendly and renewable energy sources, and will thus use the largest volume of renewable energy among all buildings in Korea.

    ※ TOE refers to Ton of Oil Equivalent, and refers to the volume of energy (107 Kcal) generated by burning one ton of oil.