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  • New brand ‘Seoul Made’ launched to help SMEs from capital city

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    [Anchor] Seoul is better known than ever on the international stage, thanks to growing interest in Korea. Using the city’s popularity, new brand ‘Seoul Made’ has been launched to help SMEs and lesser-known start-ups boost their brand power. Kan Hyeong-woo has the story.

    [Reporter] Small and medium-sized enterprises in Seoul now have a chance to promote their products with the capital city’s name on them.
    The Seoul Business Agency launched its new brand ‘Seoul Made’ at the 18th Seoul Design Festival at COEX on Wednesday.

    [Chang Young-seung, President of Seoul Business Agency] “We created the brand ‘Seoul Made’ to let SMEs or companies with weaker brand power use the word ‘Seoul’ for their products. On top of that, it will show that what they sell is made in the city and its quality is guaranteed by the city.”

    [Reporter] Starting with a ‘Seoul Made’ flagship store in Hanoi next year, the agency hopes to promote its new brand not only in Korea but also around the world.
    Meanwhile, another highlight of the design exhibition is the collaboration between sustainable development and design.
    As the international community tries to protect the environment with eco-friendly policies, the design industry is also doing its part.

    “Once a poster for an animation festival, it has now been given a new lease of life. This time as a cellphone case.”

    It’s one of many cases where upcycling has turned used products into some completely different items.
    Camping tents and worn suits have been turned into stylish bags.

    [Benedetta CAMERRA, a visitor from Italy] “This is a very good experience I think for people in general or… and also for the environment. Because now with a lot of problems in our ecosystem, we need to do some change.”

    [Reporter] With about 300 brands taking part, the 18th Seoul Design Festival will run through Sunday.

    Kan Hyeong-woo, Arirang News.