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[2015] Mayor’s Speech

  • Seoul, ‘World’s Digital Capital’: The Need for a 2020 Blueprint

  • [2015] Mayor’s Speech SMG 1738

    Public hearings on Seoul Digital Plan 2020
    Date June 2, 2015 Venue, Main Conference Room, Seoul City Hall

    Good morning. I am very pleased to see all of you here today. I am Park Won Soon, mayor of Seoul. My sincere appreciation is extended to citizens, whose interest in our city’s administration has led them to take the time out of your busy schedules to come and see us here today, as well as advisers from the National ICT Strategy Council and Seoul Digital Doctor Group for your sincere interest and advice regarding Seoul’s digital policies.

    The city of Seoul, a global leader in the IT industry, has made ceaseless efforts to navigate the ever-changing paradigm shifts of the day as quickly as possible, and has created policies accordingly. As a result, it has become a benchmark model for its world-class e-government system, earning the top rank in the performance of municipal e-governments.

    However, we must never be complacent. Today we are at a crucial historical juncture in a shift toward a new digital innovation. The world is in the process of becoming a hyper-connected society where people and things, communicate online and offline via inter-connected networks. Major cities around the world are making bold decisions integrating cutting-edge digital technologies into more various fields in an effort to address rapidly growing city issues. The same is true for this administration. Digital will not simply provide support for a municipal administration; it should play a leading role as a new driving force for innovation of the city.

    As part of our efforts, the Seoul Metropolitan Government intends to set out a 2020 Blueprint for Seoul entitled “The World’s Digital Capital,” so that the city can achieve market dominance in the new digital era as well. We are designing a new future for the city driven by the digital 2020 project as a new paradigm beyond the existing ICT strategy.

    To achieve this goal, we urgently need the support and participation of citizens, experts, the digital industry, and the academic world. I firmly believe that our citizens are global “Smart Citizens,” able to make the best use of digital technologies. I sincerely ask for your interest and advice on our new vision and direction as a digital city, especially regarding how to accept and apply new state-of-the-art technology, how to enrich the value of citizens’ lives, and how to utilize the technology to solve urban problems. With this hearing as an impetus, the SMG will continue to communicate with citizens. We will make a 2020 Blueprint for a Digital Seoul with the united efforts of officials and people. Thank you.