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[2015] Mayor’s Speech

  • The Need for a New Formula to Settle the Challenging Tasks of the Future

  • SMG 1297

    At the Seoul Form 2015

    Date: 5/27/2015
    Venue: Silla Hotel Seoul

    How are you today? There are two types of people in the world: those creating a future based on a life roadmap and those hurrying to catch up with others after staying idle. Needless to say, the two types of people are quite different from each other with regards to how far they can go in life.

    The same can be said of cities and countries. It is not difficult to imagine that the future of a city or a country that carries out work based on a well-arranged blueprint compared to one that does not will be quite different from each other. We are in an era of low growth and transition. We need new ideas and plans that will open a new page of hope to maintain sustainable growth.

    Our country has gone through a process of condensed modernization in the midst of rapid growth, and is now faced with the need for a transition to a new society and era. The Seoul Forum 2015 is an event designed to seek specific solutions that will bring a new growth and future to Seoul and the country as a whole. I take my hat off to those who have made efforts to hold this meaningful event, including Vice Chair Lee Jong-hwan, other members of the Seoul Economic Daily, and other attendees.

    Many scholars and experts say that our society is at the crossroads of crisis and opportunity. They say that the country can open a new page of hope only when it turns the reality of being a divided country into the future of unification and turns the economy of size, which has reached its limit, into a creative economy centered on people and technology.

    For this event, we have selected three key terms that we believe will help solve these challenges: next-generation food industry, security, and China. It is time to set people’s creativeness as the central power of the economy and future business models and say goodbye to the focus on civil engineering projects. Keeping this in mind, we at the SMG are focusing on the creation of sustainable jobs and livability through a Seoul-type creative economy. We are developing nine sectors to become the core of the creative economy: R&D, bio/medical industries, MICE, tourism, urban regeneration, new/renewable energy, and IT convergence industry. Under the objective of creating a Seoul-type creative economy, we aim to usher in an era of new qualitative growth for the next 100 years by establishing eight leading footholds (G-Valley, Gaepo, DMC, Dongdaemun, Sinchon, Hongdae, Hapjeong, Magok, Chang-dong, Sanggye, and Hongreung), training 100,000 young people who will engage in the creative economy, and share the result of the growth with all people. We are also strengthening cooperation with China, which is emerging as new power in the ICT, fin tech, and photovoltaic sectors. We are taking one step after another toward the launch of the Northeast Asia Community for Peace and Economy in cooperation with China in areas like renewable energy, hi-end technologies, culture, and tourism.

    This year marks the 70th anniversary of the country’s liberation from colonial rule and subsequent division. We pledge to look for ways of building mutual trust, unity, and collaboration with the North through exchanges and cooperation like the Seoul-Pyongyang Soccer Match, the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra’s performance in Pyongyang, and joint research on historical sites in Seoul and Pyongyang. I am certain that peace on the Korean Peninsula and the unification of the two Koreas can be realized earlier than some might think through bilateral economic cooperation between local governments, utilizing the South’s capital and advanced technology and the North’s high-quality work force. I believe the door to unification will be opened wide by rebuilding mutual trust and solidarity through contacts made on a local-to-local and people-to-people basis.

    People, cities, and countries that make preparations for a future based on insight and planning will be the leaders of a new sustainable world. I look forward to this special event, which is held at a time to move us into a new era, providing solutions to the challenging tasks facing us. Please come up with powerful ideas that will open the door to new opportunities. We at the SMG will reflect new innovative ideas suggested at this event into our municipal administration. Thank you.