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  • Namsangol Hanok Village hosts diverse events for autumn including Korean Thanksgiving Day “Chuseok” festivals

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    • Various autumn events from Chuseok festivals to different themed night markets to be held at the Namsangol Hanok Village
    • The events for Chuseok to provide many things to see and enjoy both for citizens and visitors from September 12 through 14
    • “1890 Namsangol Night Market” to open every Saturday from September 14 until October 26, recreating an old-day market in Hanyang in the late 1890s

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, August 28, 2019 – How about experiencing time travel at the Namsangol Hanok Village in this coming autumn when is a great time for an outing without the heatwave? For three days from September 12 through 14, various events will be held at the Namsangol Hanok Village to celebrate Chuseok, or Korean Thanksgiving Day, one of the biggest holidays in Korea. The events will provide many things to see and enjoy both for citizens and visitors.

    On September 12, a cooking event will take place inside a traditional house at the Village for visitors, giving visitors a chance to make diverse Chuseok foods with help of a traditional food chef, such as songpyeon (half-moon-shaped rice cake), yullan (syruped chestnut), yugwa (deep-fried sweet rice cake), and dried persimmon slices that are difficult to make at home.

    On the day of Chuseok, which falls on September 13, sonori, or cow festival, which had been long enjoyed by Korean farmers with good harvest during Chuseok, will take place at the Village. The Yangju Sonorigut Preservation Group will present its traditional sonori performance that has been preserved and handed down. After the performance, Dansimjulnori, a traditional performance that had expressed the farmers’ joy of harvest during the Joseon Dynasty, will also be held.

    On September 14, the event about jeon, or a Korean traditional pan-fried delicacy, will be held. Jeon is a signature dish for Chuseok. During the event that has been always a finale event during Chuseok at the Namsan Hanok Village for the last three years, 15 different types of jeons will be introduced to visitors.

    In addition, “1890 Namsangol Night Market” will be reopened from September 14 after completing the construction of the yard at the Village. Celebrating the third anniversary this year, the Night Market will recreate an old-day market in Hanyang (old name of Seoul) in the late 1890s, when traditions and new cultures were mixed. It opens at 4 p.m. every Saturday until October 26 and closes at 9:30 p.m.

    On September 14 and October 5, the “Farmers’ Market” will be open and offer diverse farm products recommended by each local government at a 10 to 30 percent lower price than market price. On September 21 and October 19, the “Global Night Market” will also be held by the Seoul Global Center, a city government-funded organization for foreign residents’ services. International residents in Korea will sell their home countries’ unique second-hand goods, traditional handicrafts and other souvenirs at an affordable price.