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  • Namsan Million-Person Walking Festival to be Held Every Second Saturday from April to June

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    Seoul City will hold a “Namsan Million-Person Walking Festival” at Namsan Fountain Plaza at 10 am every second Saturday from April to June to help improve citizens’ health and provide an opportunity to enjoy sound leisure activities.

    Commemorative photo of departure, Departure of walkathon

    The Namsan Million-Person Walking Festival, which has been held successfully with the participation of countless citizens since 2009, is the representative walkathon event held by the city. People from all walks of life including Seoul citizens, foreigners, members of multicultural families, hiking clubs, companies and organizations can take part free of charge.

    The event will be launched in April as a “Walking festival heralding the advent of spring” at a time when flowers are blossoming and temperatures rising after a long winter; as a “Walking festival marking the Family Month” in May; and as a “Walking festival marking the Month of Patriots and Veterans” in June.

    The “Walking festival heralding the advent of spring”, scheduled for April 9, will be organized as an occasion that enables citizens to dispel their passive physical and mental stance of the winter season, and fully appreciate the spirit of spring on Namsan Mountain at the heart of Seoul.

    Participants in the walkathon are invited to post comments about the walkathon on the citizens’ participatory bulletin at the event’s homepage, and ten people will be selected in a draw and receive two tickets each for the play “Sal” (Fatty) (playwright Lee Hae-seong, and director An Kyeong-mo), which will be performed at the Namsan Arts Center.

    A wide variety of exhibitions and experience-focused events will take place at the event site prior to the walkathon. Seoul City will operate its promotional booths, including the Eco Mileage Booth, which is designed to promote energy saving and environmental conservation, and a booth where visitors can see diverse eco-friendly automobiles at a single location.

    For further information on the Walk Festival, visit the event’s website at www.seoulwalking.or.kr, or dial +82-2-522-5446~8, or phone the 120 Dasan Call Center.