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  • Namsan, geographic center of Seoul

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    What is the geographical center of Seoul? Jongno? Gwanghwamun? Myeong-dong? All wrong. The answer is Namsan. Seoul City pinpointed the top of Namsan as the city’s geographical center and plans to build a monument at the location.

    Although most Seoul citizens assume that “Dorowonpyo” in Gwanghwamun is the geographical center of Seoul, this is not the case in fact. Built in 1914 during the Japanese occupation of Korea, Dorowonpyo is a monument measuring the distances from Seoul to 18 cities on the Korean Peninsula.

    In 1896, a location on the first floor of Hanaro Bldg. at 194-4, Insa-dong, Jongno-gu was also pinpointed as the geographical center of Seoul. But, the location was pinpointed during the Joseon Dynasty and didn’t fit the dimensions of modern Seoul, which has significantly expanded its administrative districts since then. So, Seoul City conducted a GPS survey and pinpointed the top of Namsan as the city’s geographical center in 2008.

    If Seoul City completes construction of the monument representing the geographical center of Seoul, it would help make the location even more of a tourist attraction. Related to the project, Seoul City is renovating a large-scale Zero Point (triangulation station) on top of Namsan, part of the city’s beautification project for the mountain. The monument will be equipped with global positioning systems.

    Also, Seoul City unveiled an image featuring the geographical center by combining the city’s geographical shape, Hangang and its 25 local districts.