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Global Seoul Mate Activities

  • Namdaemunno/Toegyero‘Design Seoul Street

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    The Namdaemun-ro street, many foreign tourists’ favorite, has reinvented itself into a shopping haven perfect for relaxation in the wake of the Design Seoul project. The following changes are being made to improve the quality of shoppers’ experiences in the area: building a square at the entrance to Myeong-dong; relocating bus stops and street vendors; securing a higher level of pedestrian convenience; planting pine trees along major streets; and re-arranging thread in the past, were overhauled and revamped to create some harmony and balance, adding to the charm of the street representing the city of Seoul and the finance and distribution industries of Korea. The Toegye-ro street has added modernity and efficiency to its traditional elegance by relocating and rearranging its street furniture while the newly paved ramp to the Hanok Village has boosted the safety and convenience of the tourists visiting here. The pine street trees have been said to symbolize well the historical and cultural identity of the street located along the ridge of Mt. Nam. Also anticipated is a significant sales increase for local shopping centers and stores.