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  • “Mysterious Time Traveler

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    The need for mental healing grows as new emotional sense in the minds of people, since healing allows them to reflect on times past, which they have been going through breathlessly and tirelessly. As an onsite play prepared by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, “Mysterious Time Traveler” provides a venue for resting wherein people can take a trip down memory lane at Han River in line with this trend.

    “Mysterious Time Traveler” is a performance in the form of a compilation of interesting stories on Han River from the past; it is staged as a vivid, onsite play wherein performers perform by directly communicating with the audience.

    The program is part of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s project to develop tourist hotspots through storytelling and is being implemented as part of efforts to develop stories on Han River, one of the top five attractions in Seoul.

    • Target: Seoul citizens
    • Time: 12 noon, 2 pm on September 14/12 noon, 5 pm on September 21, 2013
    • Venue: Ttukseom Hangang Park
    • Participants: 280 people
    • For inquiries, contact: Secretariat of Mysterious Time Traveler (Tel. 070-7728-1306)
    • Website: Hangang Park Jabeolrae Exhibition Hall (http://www.j-bug.co.kr/)

    Classification Time Events Remarks
    Convention & Exhibition HallsExhibition Halls Pre-performance events 11:00
    • Bukcheong Water Seller, Yeot (caramel) seller,

      street musicians start activities

    • Actors’ costume checking and dress rehearsal
    • Yeot (caramel) seller guides audience members

      to performance site

    • Bukcheong Water Seller guides audience to

      performance site

    • Street musician moves to performance site
    Onsite play 12:00
    • 12:00 ~ 12:10 Introduction of play
    • 112:10 ~ 12:25 Onsite play
    • 112:25 ~ 12:35 Closing performance
    Post-performance events 12:35
    • In time photo studio: Photo time
    • Joyful post-play party with audience

      members and pe…