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    Hi and warm greetings to all my fellow Global Seoul Mates!

    How are you all been doing? I hope everybody is doing great and awesome whenever you are!

    Its already 2014! Happy New Year everybody! 새해 복 많이 많이 받으세요! ㅋㅋ

    Looking back to all the memories Ive made in 2013, regardless if it was good or bad ones, I will smile widely because its a part of my life experience. Hehe!

    One of it was I got to be on a video call with the Mayor of Seoul, Mr Park Won Soon recently for the Global Seoul Mates 2013 Year End Party! I was too happy for the opportunity given even though I was not able to be there and meet him face-to-face but being apart of the program was one of the happiest moment in my life!

    And in 2013, I have traveled several times independently to Seoul ! It was my first time travelling abroad in solo mode and my goodness it was the best! Previous years ago, I went to Seoul with my parents, but in 2013, I decided to travel abroad all by myself in backpackers style and Im glad I made the right decision to do so! Ever since then, I think I prefer to travel solo for now since it makes me more independent!

    Travelling to Seoul alone is the best ! I have traveled to Seoul solo for a few times in 2013 and I am very happy with its friendly environment and super easy access public transportation!

    In 2013 too, I made a lot of Kpop artists, attended countless Kpop events all over the world, learned to cook Korean food, met new friends that have the same passions as me in Korea, learning its language and culture, sharing infos about any good Korean restaurants in my country Malaysia, all in all, there were more exposure for me in experiencing Korea and I really enjoyed every second of it!

    For 2014, I am really looking forward to experience more of Korea world and Im sure my love and passion for Korea will grow stronger !

    Feel free to add me up on my facebook by clicking this link:

    Lots of love,

    Rya Yahaya
    Global Seoul Mate