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  • My preferred B&B in Insadong

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    As I expected, the location was perfect and the view from the room was interesting. The place was cute, too!

    This was my B&B reservation which I found at stay.visitseoul.net and booked through airbnb.com. I wrote my experience on using the stay.visitseoul.net website on this piece, where I enumerated a few glitches and shortcomings.

    As soon as I confirmed and paid for my reservation, Mr. Jack Kim, the owner, immediately sent me detailed directions to the place from which airport bus to take from Incheon International Airport, to the exact building location and even what to tell the taxi driver in case one takes a cab from the airport. Details about the room and amenities were also provided. I had to ask Jack if the TV in the room was connected to a cable service as I planned to watch the opening ceremonies of the Sochi Olympics on the early morning of Saturday. Yes, it was!

    Finding the place even at night wouldnt be a problem, even for a new Seoul tourist. Its right at Anguk Station, and any visitor would find it whether he or she is arriving using the airport bus, an airport taxi, or the subway.

    When I got there and looked at the view from the window, I realized my view included the Somerset Palace Seoul, where my friends JK, Ruth and their daughters used to live. I remember we had crazy fun parties there like JKs birthday, Ruths purple valentine party, or our Hawaiian summer party! If they still lived there, they would have been my first stop.

    I also asked for a late check-out on Sunday as I wanted to get some lunch in Insadong before I left the Jongno area. He gladly granted. And there are lots of restaurants, cafes, convenience stores in the area. No worries finding a place to eat or where to have coffee.

    So, if youre travelling to Seoul alone, or even with another companion, Jacks place in the Jongno Districts Insadong area is perfect. Its a walking distance to the Bukchon village thats full of traditional Korean homes, to the Gyeongbukgung and Changdeokgung Palaces, and even to the nearby Gwanghwamun and Cheonggye Stream, which are famous tourist attractions, too.

    Heres a link to his site at airbnb:


    Thanks again, Jack! I enjoyed my weekend at your B&B! And even with this very cold weather outside, I slept well in a warm room and with a great view of the Mt. Inwang Inwang-san and the Gyeongbuk Palace from my bed!