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  • My first Seollal in Korea

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    Seollal aka Koreans New Year aka Lunar New Year is around the corner and now that Im in Korea there are MANY things I would like to do, but still, I have no plans for this years 4 day Holiday.

    1st of all, Seollas is the Lunar New Year and is one of the most celebrated Holidays in Korea -as well as Chuseok-, this year Seollal falls on January 31st of the Gregorian Calendar, this marks the beginning of a new year, unlike December 31st, this date is not a date to go our partying with your friends, its about Paying respect to our ancestors and gather around with your family to catch up, most Koreans travel to meet their family, Hanbok is used for this day and games are played when the family is together but even if you dont have plans to celebrate this important holiday, you should be ready.

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