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    I visited Korea last February with snow, palaces and K – Pop idols on my mind. I cannot contained my happiness when I set foot at Incheon International Airport and though the coldness of the air is numbing my face, I was not surprise at all. In fact I was really pleased and doing my victory dance in my head because finally I set foot in this wonderful country. Seoul at night is different from what I expected. Subways are very busy and alive. People are in a hurry but always have a sense of being orderly. Everywhere is full of colors and fashion. Shopping Malls, booths and make-shift shop offers selection of food and items. Some streets were lined with foods and souvenir and clothing. Some places were full of bars and restaurants with catchy signage. But some places were peacefully quiet that you can feel the serenity of the city. Even at the middle of the night, exploring the city is safe. I didn’t feel any danger in my short but amazing adventure in Seoul. Koreans are very kind and helpful. It’s as if they sensed that I am new in their country (which is totally true, by the way). And offered me a wordless welcome with their smile. Even though communication is limited due to language barrier, Koreans readily assisted me in any question I asked. . In my tour, I was able to understand the history of Korea in my visit at the Changdeokgung palace and the National Folk Museum of Korea. I have learned the story of Hangul in the Gwanghwamun Square. . I’ve been amazed on the bountiful groceries in cheap prices in E-Mart at I’Park Mall., Gimbap, Fish bread, I felt relaxed and romantic while watching the different lighted arts and kilometer wide rose lamp in Dongdaemon History and Culture Park Station. I tasted different Korean dishes in Seoul like Kimchi, Bulgogi, Tok Galbi, Samgyeopsal, Japchae and many more and I was able to try different street food like Odeng, TteokbokkiHodduk and many more.My adventure in Seoul helped me to see that Koreans are independent people who are mindful in their surroundings and the people they met in their lives. It’s as if they take pride in their country and want to show everybody that they came from a beautiful place. This trip teaches me to submerge myself in the culture of South Korea to understand it and experience it first-hand.My Seoul trip enriched not only my mind but my soul and the happiest memories I had in Seoul lies to the people I met, the places I saw and activities I experienced. These are the memories I will cherish forever. And I cannot wait to visit again this progressive and mesmerizing country. Till next time.