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  • Musical Onjo King’s Love Story

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    Musical Onjo King's Love Story

    • Performance Content: Onjo’s founding of Hanseong Baekje and love story
    • Period: Jul. 26 (Fri.) ~ Sept. 1 (Sun.), 2013
    • Venue: Grand Theater, Hongik Daehangno Art Center
    • Time: Weekdays 8pm / Sat. 3pm, 7pm / Sun. 2pm, 6pm
    • Closed on Mondays【120 min (including 15-min break)】
    • Inquiries: MS Musical Company Co.,Ltd
      Tel. +82-2-582-1089

    One man’s Heart is Running Fast.

    The heart of a man who lived 2,000 years ago is still pounding.

    A story of a man who lived some 2,000 years ago has the elements of heartbreaking love, incredible twist of fate between life and death, clairvoyant revelation, feud, enmity, love, peace, and deep emotions.

    The moment the fateful sky opened, the glorious founding of the nation began.

    Prince Onjo was born in 18 BC as the third son of Jumong, the first King of Goguryeo. After going through repeated feuds and fights, he left Goguryeo with his close associates in search of new land.

    Arrival in a mysterious land after a hard journey

    A land with a river running to the north, surrounded by mountains to the east, and blessed with fertile soil

    Onjo met a beautiful woman named Dalggotmuri at the crossroads of fate; thus began their sad love in a cruel twist of fate.
    Onjo, who resembled the shining sun in the bosom of his mother Soseono, arrived in a new land for the founding of the Baekje Dynasty and for his 10 devoted followers and people. A tribe called Cheonjok, who asserted that they were descendants of Haven, was already occupying Hanseong.

    Should Onjo’s people conquer the Cheonjok tribe with force or embrace them with love to build a new nation?

    Onjo, who was destined to become king, and Dalggotmuri, who would become the chief priestess of the Cheonjok tribe, met at the crossroads of fate; attracted to each other, they soon fell in love.

    Their love began from their fateful meeting, and Onjo’s burning heart started to throb fast.

    Discovery of Interesting Characters

    In the musical “Onjo King’s Love Story” several intriguing characters such as Geumbira who is cool-headed and cold but protects Onjo with the most caring mind, Mugeom who protects and shows loyalty to Dalggotmuri of the Cheonjok tribe, Heodam who serves as teacher of the King, Ogan, and three gods who connect heaven and earth will surely make the musical very interesting and fun. The characteristics of each character influence each other and improve the overall level of perfection. Looking into hidden stories about these characters will make watching the musical “Onjo King’s Love Story” more fun.