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City of Seoul

  • Music Video of Jannine Weigel Filmed in Seoul

  • City of Seoul SMG 2569
    00:07 Mr. Kim: So, how do you like this place in Seoul?

    00:10 Jannine Weigel: I think Seoul has many different amazing places that I did not know of before, and it has variety of cool places, for example,

    00:22 the Yeouido Underground Bunker that we went to yesterday and also the Seoul Battleship Park is really really cool.

    00:27 I have never seen like the battleship this near before. So yeah, I am really glad to be here.

    00:33 Mr. Kim: Sounds great great. Recommend your friend also to be here when they visit Seoul, right?

    00:38 Jannine Weigel: I would definitely recommend either for my friends to go to the bunker or the Battleship Park

    00:48 because I think other than the beauty of that, they are also great places to take pictures and stuff. So Yeah.

    00:55 Thank you very much for welcoming me. And I really enjoyed my trip here. And I hope that I can come back to Seoul very soon. I•SEOUL•U~!