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  • Music Festival to be Staged at Dream Forest on Saturdays

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    The 2011 Dream Garden Festival will be held every Saturday afternoon until October 1 on a special outdoor stage at Dream Forest in Jangwi-dong, Gangbuk-gu. On June 18, the festival will feature Super Grasshopper, which envisions becoming a “semi-modern sexy band.” In July the event will present various performances from East and West, while in August four passionate rock bands are set to perform to help summer visitors cool off in the hot summer weather.

    Performance at Dream Garden Festival

    In September and October, more subdued and calmer music performances will be staged to enable participants to appreciate the beauty of autumn through music. The Dream Garden Festival will continue for 21 weeks from May 21 to October 1.

    The festival will be held at a special outdoor stage in front of the Dream Forest Art Center, La Foresta, from 5 pm every Saturday (from 7 pm in the hottest months of July and August). Diverse genres of music, including classical, musical, gugak and performances, are being prepared to provide audiences with great music shows and extraordinary experiences. (Admission is free. For further information, please visit the Dream Forest Art Center website at www.dfac.or.kr, or dial +82-2-2289-5401.)