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  • Music Education Provides the Harmony of Love to Multicultural Families with Handicapped Children

  • Integrated News SMG 2011

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is conducting the “Rainbow Smile” program, a customized home music education program, to allow multicultural families to address the double issues of cultural differences and difficulties in raising their children with disabilities, and to instill the families with an emotional balance and sense of solidarity between family members through music.

    Families participating in the Family Music Camp , A family performing on their violins

    “Rainbow Smile,” a program for supporting happiness of multicultural families with handicapped children, is conducting a course for teaching family members how to play musical instrument as part of family music activities. The program also offers family counseling to allow multicultural families to understand their special family relationships and their children’s disabilities and to be able to accept such conditions.

    Viewing of a pansori performance (Korean traditional vocal music) , Visit to a water park

    The families held a presentation session, in which they displayed skills that they learned over the past four months, at a family music camp that was conducted during July 29 – 30. They will also participate in the “Family Music Night” event in November. In the wake of Chuseok, Korea’s major traditional holiday, the city’s government will hold “Sweet Journey, Banana (Journey to meet my daughter overseas),” in which parents of foreign wives in families with handicapped children are invited to Korea to meet their daughters, during September.

    For more information on the program for multicultural families with handicapped children, please contact the Seoul Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities at +82-2-2637-4161.