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  • Municipal Cooperation for Clean Air in Northeast Asia

  • Press Releases SMG 2776

    – SMG hosts <2016 Northeast Asia Forum On Air Quality Improvement> on 19~20 of May
    – 300 experts and officials from 4 countries, 15 cities including Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul take part in
    – Share practices, exchange researches, adopt Seoul Declaration, and hold
    – Seek how to improve air quality, signing MOU with the city of Tianjin
    – SMG will “take the lead in forming a joint consultative body to address the air quality issues in Northeast Asia”

    Seoul Metropolitan Government said that it holds <2016 Northeast Asia Forum on Air Quality Improvement> to discuss municipal cooperation for clean air in Northeast Asia region on 19th(Thu) and 20th(Fri) of May at the New Building of Seoul City Hall (Multi-Purpose Hall and Large Conference Room).

    ○ Over 300 experts and officials from 15 cities in 4 countries of Northeast Asia region is expected to join the forum.
    ○ 15 cities joining the forum include:
    South Korea (1): Seoul, Kyunggi, Incheon
    China (9): Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Jilin, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guiyang
    Japan (2): Tokyo, Kitakyushu
    Mongolia (1): Ulaanbaatar

    □ SMG told that this forum will raise awareness of the common interest of improving air quality and propose the joint actions to take for the air quality improvement, which includes forming a municipal consultative body for the air quality improvement and hosting a regular forum.
    ○ Although Seoul has been making municipal efforts by replacing diesel buses with CNG busses to improve the air quality and installing Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF) on diesel vehicles, as at least 30 to 50 percent of ultrafine dust pollution is created by neighboring Northeast Asian countries, this forum focuses on finding ways for major Northeast Asian cities to cooperate on achieving a revolutionary improvement in air quality in the region.

    □ On the first day, 19th(Thu) of May, there would be ▲’Northeast Asia Forum on Air Quality Improvement’ with the participants of 300 experts and officials from major cities in the region ▲Seoul Declaration for the Air Quality Improvement ▲Setup of the municipal consultative organization for the air quality improvement.
    ○ Starting with the opening speech by Barry Lefer, a NASA scientist and project manager for KORUS-AQ (International Cooperative Air Quality Field Study in Korea), the forum will share model practices and examples of improving the air quality through the session presentations and discuss how to establish a continuous network among cities.
    ○ At the closing ceremony, Seoul Declaration will be announced with the presence of 15 cities representatives. It aims not only the municipal cooperation but also the advanced efforts of making air quality policies for each city & sharing them each other and establishing a municipal consultative organization to improve the air quality.

    □ On the 2nd day, 20th(Fri) of May, there would be ▲’Expert Forum’, where 200 professors, experts and civil activists join.
    ○ More than 200 professors, researchers, expert from the industry and civic groups will take part in the ‘Expert Forum’ on talks about ‘Current researches on the air quality improvement in Northeast Asia region and ways to cooperate with the citizen’.
    ○ Following discussion will seek ways in detail to cooperate with the citizen, with the civic group called “Making Clean Sky” giving a presentation about the examples of the citizen participation.

    □ SMG planned to host the export conference and exhibition to encourage the activities of the domestic environment technology companies.
    ○ On the first day of the forum, Seoul holds a 1:1 business meeting to encourage Korea environment industry to enter the Chinese market, where 36 domestic firms with green technology on the air quality, water treatment, green building and 20 buyers from China.
    ○ On 19th and 20th of May, 10 Korean environmental companies with outstanding green technology such as air pollution prevention and reduction technologies will present their technologies to Chinese and Japanese participants and Seoul citizen. Both the Expo and the exhibition will be held at the large conference room on the 3rd floor of the new building of the Seoul City Hall.

    □ SMG will sign an MOU for the cooperation to improve the air quality with the city of Tianjin on 20th(Fri) of May and have a gathering between Seoul Research Institute of Public Health & Environment and Beijing Municipal Research Institute of Environmental Protection to carry out the joint research assignment.
    ○ By signing the MOU with Tianjin city, Seoul agreed to share the information on the air quality, to exchange policies, technologies and experiences and to lay the groundwork for the joint research on the climate issues. Outstanding firms will play an active role in the cooperative project of the two cities.
    ○ At the following gathering after the Seoul-Beijing integrated committee, the result of the research on ‘Managing the dust scatterings from the roads and air pollutants from the restaurants’, on which the researchers from the two cities focused will be shared, discussing further action plans to reduce the ultra fine dust.

    □ SMG expects this forum to be the momentum to strengthen the cooperative researches through sharing air quality improvement policies and to find ways to set up a continuous exchanges and cooperation by establishing a consultative organization.

    □ Yoo Jae-ryong, the head of Climate & Environment Headquarters of SMG said that the forum would encourage cities of the Northeast Asia to join in building the cooperative actions and network to address the air quality issue, adding that the forum is expected to be the cornerstone of establishing a consultative body for the air quality improvement in Northeast Asia region.

    2016 Northeast Asia Forum On Air Quality Improvement

    1. Overview

    □ Theme : Municipal cooperation for the air quality improvement in Northeast Asia
    □ Date/Venue : 19(Thu)~20(Fri) of May, 2016 / Multi-purpose Hall and Large Conference Room of the new building of Seoul City Hall.
    □ Host : Seoul Metropolitan Government
    □ Participants
    ❍ Environmental Policy-makers from 15 cities

    Country City Country City
    S.Korea(1) Seoul, Kyunggi, Incheon China(9) Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Jilin, Shenzhen, Guiyang
    Japan(2) Tokyo, Kitakyushu
    Mongolia(1) Ulaanbaatar


    ※ Underlined cities are those who participated in the 2014 Forum
    ❍ Experts : Professors and researchers on Atmosphere Environment in S. Korea, China and Japan

    □ Forum Details

    Northeast Asia Forum On Air Quality Improvement ∙ Municipal air quality improvement policy and ways to cooperate
    ∙ Discuss forming the consultative body for the improvement of air quality in Northeast Asia
    New Building
    (Multi-purpose Hall)
    Side Events Export
    ∙ Presenting the outstanding environmental technologies
    ∙ Biz meeting to encourage Korean companies to increase the export
    New Building (Large Conference Room)
    Field Visits ∙ Visits Seoul Energy Dream Center, Sang-am hydrogen station
    ∙ Presenting Road Dust Monitoring vehicles and DPF vehicles
    Experts Seminar ∙ Ways to cooperate in researches and technologies
    ∙ Presenting the sample researches and exhibition of the technologies
    New Building (Taepyeong Hall)
    MOU ∙ Signing MOU for the air quality improvement with Tianjin City Seosomun Building (11th Fl. Meeting Room)
    Integrated Committee ∙ Discuss the joint research assignments between Seoul Research Institute of Public Health & Environment and Beijing Municipal Research Institute of Environmental Protection Seoul Research Institute of Public Health & Environment