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  • Mugunghwa (National Flower of Korea) Exhibition held in Seodaemun Independence Park

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    As part of the 67th National Liberation Day celebrations, Seoul will hold the ‘2012 Mugunghwa National Flower Exhibition’ at Seodaemun Independence Park for nine days from August 11th (Sat) to 19th (Sun). The exhibition is one that stirs Korean passion for the national flower, mugunghwa, as well as giving them the opportunity to reflect upon their patriotism and the love they feel for their country. The exhibition will be divided into two parts: one for mugunghwa potted plants and one for seedlings.

    In conjunction with this event, the Korea Forest Service will supervise the 22nd National Mugunghwa Festival, a show promoting the greatness of the national flower at the COEX Plaza area in Samseong-dong, Seoul from August 4th (Sat) to 15th (Wed). Fifteen hundred potted mugunghwa in full bloom will be submitted by fifteen local governments from around the country (including Seoul) and used to adorn the downtown area.

    Some 200 species, including around 70 indigenous Korean species, of mugunghwa flower are commonly found all around the world. The plant has a tenacious hold on life, with new flowers blooming every day for about 100 days between July and October.