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    How to move to Korea Hi everyone! I\\\’ve been receiving this question quite often now, What do I need to move to Korea? Hmm… I\\\’ve been thinking about it and well… 2 things come to my mind, 1st Courage and 2nd A job or lots of $$$. 1st things 1st, WHY do you want to move to Korea? If you love K-pop and Dramas, well, I would recommend to just Travel to Korea for a couple of weeks… If you want to Learn Korean, experience a new culture, and just feel like your life has changed 180° well.. this one is a bit harder, I wouldn\\\’t recommend to MOVE to Korea if you don\\\’t have a Job or a Job offer here. If you have a job or a job offer, then things will be easier, your company will sponsor your visa and most likely will end up just gathering the documents for said visa, as for WHERE to get the jobs, sorry, I can\\\’t help, perhaps our friend GOOGLE has the answer, there are plenty of websites with job offers, you just need to know how to look for them. click to continue reading…