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  • More than 110,000 People Visited the Seoul Pavilion at the Qingdao Beer Festival

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government said that 115,000 people visited the Seoul PR booth that was installed at the “Qingdao Beer Festival,” which was conducted for 16 days from August 13 to 28.

    Haechi engaged in promotional activities, Visitors watch the 3-D Seoul movie

    Seoul Metropolitan Government was the only participant that participated in the event as a city, as it took part in the “Qingdao Beer Festival” under the theme of “Do You Know Seoul?” Accordingly, the city’s government promoted various cultural contents about the Korean capital to local Chinese nationals, and foreign visitors.

    The city’s government singled out a 3-D video that attracted visitors’ attention, various programs designed for visitors to participate in, including Seoul’s representative cultural festival “Sachoom Dance Musical (Dance If You Love),” and the opportunity to experience traditional Korean games as the reasons for why so many foreigners visited the Seoul Pavilion.

    Visitors with a blown-up photo image of a hallyu star, Queue at the entrance of the Seoul Pavilion

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government installed its promotional booth in the International Beer Pavilion, the venue of the festival. From there they screened the 3-D Seoul promotional video that enabled visitors to experience the present and future of the city; and operated various facilities designed for experiencing tuho (arrow throwing game) and jegichagi (Korean shuttlecock kicking game), which are traditional Korean games that foreigners can also conveniently play; and thus introduced Korean culture to other people.

    The city also displayed the non-verbal performance, “Sachoom (Dance If You Love),” on the main stage of the event during August 15 and 16, offering a venue for cultural exchange.

    As if reflecting the sheer popularity of Seoul-related contents, major Chinese media outlets also expressed a keen interest in the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s participation in the beer festival. In fact, a flurry of media organizations, including the People’s Daily, Qilu Evening Newspaper, QTV, Qingdao Morning Daily, Qingdao Broadcasting & News Center, Qingdao News, and Qingdao Media Network, visited the Seoul PR booth and covered the event.