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  • Moonlight Nodeul, An Artificial Moon on Nodeulseom Island in Harmony with Waves of the Hangang River

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    A giant artificial moon has risen on the abandoned quay of Nodeulseom Island on the Hangang River. Moonlight Nodeul is a public artwork that embodies the full moon, measuring at 12 meters in diameter.

    Moonlight Nodeul was created as a cultural space that can be used as an observatory deck, a rest area, and a small stage. Different sizes of 45,000 holes on a circular metal structure pass and reflect the sunlight to make the reflection of the moon on the rippling water of the Hangang River. At night, the lighting in the artwork turns on to emit a soft light, making a terrific landscape that looks like a ring around the moon. It is expected to add a new mood to Nodeulseom Island as it is fantastically harmonized with the beautiful landscape of the Hangang River.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) explained that Moonlight Nodeul was completed using a facility that floats on the water during heavy rain, in order to develop the lower part of the Nodeulseom Island where it is hard to set an artwork because the water is fast-flowing, the wind blows heavily, flooding happens often, and water level fluctuates greatly.

    In the moon-shaped circular structure, there is a two-story-high observatory deck where people can enjoy the landscape of the Hangang River and downtown Seoul. The wooden deck that is connected from the inside to the outside of the artwork has stairs, so there is a small stage where performances can take place on the water.

    Moonlight Nodeul is an artwork by Nameless Architecture, the final winner of the international design competition that took place for two months starting in June 2020. It was part of “Seoul Is Museum,” a public art project of the city that turns abandoned places into artistic destinations.

    The winner Moonlight Nodeul is a work that contains the meaning of Nodeulseom Island that has been a vacation place for a century and prayers of Korean people toward the moon. The judges evaluated it highly as it has not only a high quality of art but also valuable practical use for relaxation and cultural activities of citizens, based on the understanding of the environmental factors, such as the speed of the waters and the wind, of the Nodeulseom Island.

    The SMG will hold an opening ceremony for Moonlight Nodeul on Feb. 26, 2021, which is the day of the first full moon of the lunar year as well as a night of making wishes. The messages that contain the wishes and hopes of citizens greeting the Year of the Ox will be floating on the Hangang River as 100 lamps. The period and method can be altered according to the social distancing level due to COVID-19.

    Any citizen who wants to participate in the event that will be held for a month starting on Jan. 11, 2021 can search “달빛노들 소원맞이” (Moonlight Nodeul Wish-Making) on the official SMG website, Seoul’s mobile application, and Seoul Is Museum’s blog and Facebook channels.