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  • Mongttang Clean Hangang River Campaign

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    Mongttang Clean Hangang River Campaign

    □ Event Overview

    • ○ Event Name: Mongttang Clean Hangang River Campaign
    • ○ Time: August 3 (Thur), August 5 (Sat), August 12 (Sat), 2017 / 16:00~20:00 In the event of rain, the campaign will be canceled.
    • ○ Location: Event plaza inside Yeouido Hangang Park and the area near Cascade Plaza
    • ○ Inquiries: Mongdang (夢黨, People who Dream of a Clean Hangang River)
      (Facebook) www.facebook.com/cleanhanriver

    □ Program

    • ○ Campaign Story
      – A monster appears at the Hangang River to eat up all the trash. His name is ‘Mongttang Hungry Monster.’ Rumor has it that if the hungry monster is not fed well, it goes around to eat up people’s dreams. People must find the hungry monster and perform a mission.
    • ○ Major Content
      Program Description Note
      ① Mongttang take Hand out trash bags In front of Yeouinaru Station
      ② Mongttang throw away Dispose trash in the trash zone Cascade Plaza, Event Plaza, etc.
      ③ Mongttang throw Throw away trash inside the trash cans Basketball-type trash can, etc.
      ④ Mongttang collect Hand out gifts to those who bring in collected trash Character products, eco bags, pouches, etc.

    □ How to Participate

    • ○ Target: All citizens
    • ○ Method of participation: On-line, SNS and on-site registration
    • ○ Cost: Free