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The Cultural Heritage of SEOUL(TBS)

  • Modern Elementary Education in Incheon “Younghwa Elementary School”

  • The Cultural Heritage of SEOUL(TBS) SMG 4540

    When the Incheon Port was first opened to Western nations, a flood of outside influences poured into Korea, giving rise to new, modern culture and institutions. In Incheon, one of these institutions of change was the Younghwa Elementary School, where modern education began 113 years ago.

    The history of Younghwa Elementary School began in a small room at Naeri Church in Incheon, where Missionary Herbert Jones and his wife began teaching the children of the church. As the number of students taught by the couple increased, a new building was constructed and the Younghwa Elementary School was officially established in 1910 in Changyeong-dong, Dong-gu, Incheon. Even today, the school continues to provide students with quality elementary education.

    Consisting of three aboveground floors and one semi-basement floor, the school has been a cradle of education for years and is the alma mater of major social leaders such as Seo Eunsuk, a well-known figure in early childhood education.

    The name “Younghwa” comes from the word “Young”, which means “eternal life” and “hwa”, which means “to lead down the right path.” With educational principles rooted in the Christian faith, Younghwa Elementary School continues to use its 113 years’ of educational expertise for the good of children in the Incheon area.