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  • Mobile Tourist Information Center in Bukchon Gains Growing Popularity One Month after Opening

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government deployed eight tour interpretation guides (four for Japanese, two for Chinese, and two for English) and launched a tourism guidance service in the Bukcheon area from April 15 to meet the growing demand for tour guidance there.

    Eight tour interpretation guides deployed in pairs take turns to provide a tourism guidance service covering Bukchon’s major sites, including the entrance to Gahoe-dong Bukchon, the Seoul Museum of Chicken Art, the Five Views of Bukchon, and Jeongdok Public Library, from 10 am to 7 pm on weekdays.

    As of this month, they have assisted a daily average of 320 tourists on weekdays and up to 500 tourists on weekends in the month since the launch, drawing a highly positive response from foreign visitors to Bukchon.

    An analysis of tour guidance trends by the Mobile Tourist Information Center indicated that 46 percent of foreign visitors to Bukchon are Japanese and 29 percent are Chinese. Notably, a large number of foreigners also tour Bukchon individually usually by referring to tourism guidebooks and maps, on top of the foreign tourist groups accompanied by professional tour guides.

    The Bukchon Mobile Tourist Information Center aims to effectively introduce to tourists the hidden charms of every single alley in Bukchon, which are not included in tourist guides, as well as the major tourism hotspots there, so as to spread Bukchon’s true beauty to the world.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government operates eight Mobile Tourist Information Centers at major tourist attractions across the City, including the newly launched Bukchon Mobile Tourist Information Center.