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  • Mobile Navigation System Developed for Those Who Walk Along Hangang River Alone

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 1208

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has developed a mobile navigation system so that citizens who are suffering from decreased amounts of outdoor activities due to COVID-19 can walk the beautiful trail along the Hangang River using the mobile app while complying with the disinfection and prevention regulations. The “Walk On,” the Seoul walking app, provides the map information for 12 courses along the Hangang River and boasts a GPS function, which enables users to check the course and their location to enjoy “walking alone” without a human guide.

    The 12 courses are ▴ Course 1 (Seoul City Hall – Hanyang University Station), ▴ Course 2 (Hanyang University Station – Gangbyeon Station), ▴ Course 3 (Gangbyeon Station – Jamsilnaru Station), ▴ Course 4 (Jamsilnaru Station – Jamsil Station), ▴ Course 5 (Jamsil Station – Seoul Forest Station), ▴ Course 6 (Seoul Forest Station – Hannam Station), ▴ Course 7 (Hannam Station – Dongjak Station), ▴ Course 8 (Soongsil University Station – Mapo Station), ▴ Course 9 (Mapo Station – World Cup Stadium Station), ▴ Course 10 (World Cup Stadium Station – Jeungmi Station), ▴ Course 11 (Jeungmi Station – Yeouinaru Station), ▴ Course 12 (Yeouinaru Station – Seoul City Hall).

    For each course, the SMG will provide information on main attractions and their history on social media. On the KakaoTalk Plus channel “Sosohan Walking (소소한 걷기),” you can find contents that allow you to experience the 2,000-year history of Seoul, such as the development of the Gangnam area and the establishment of Yeongdongdaegyo Bridge related to Course 5 as well as Noryangjin and Namtaeryeong, the corner of the streets along which King Jeongjo traveled, related to Course 8.

    The SMG announced that it will hold the “Walking Alone: Hangang River Challenge” in which people can walk the Hangang River courses using the newly established system for three weeks from Mon., November 2 to Sat., November 21.

    Those who want to participate should install the “Walk On” app on their mobile phone. When you touch the “Challenge (trophy icon)” at the bottom of the screen, you will see the 12 courses you can walk on along the Hangang River. Select one and touch the “Start” button. When you are finished walking, you can press the “Complete” button. Those who complete each course can receive gift certificates (mobile beverage coupon or convenience store coupon) or gifts (bag, handwarmer, etc.) by lottery. You only have to complete the course within the given period of time, not in one day. If you have any inquiries, contact the health care center of each course.

    You should abide by the disinfection and prevention regulations while participating in the challenge. You should not participate if you have a fever or respiratory symptoms. You should keep a distance from others while walking as well. Please refrain from conversing loudly with others, touching each other like shaking hands or hugging, and follow the coughing etiquette. Also, please refrain from touching the outdoor sports equipment.

    After the pilot operation of the “Walking Alone: Hangang River Challenge,” the SMG will analyze the participants’ satisfaction and participation rates to develop other courses and expand the project.