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  • Mobile Caricature Drawing Program Gains Immense Popularity as a Novel Cultural Experience

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    An event in which cartoonists draw caricatures for citizens at five hotspots in Seoul every weekend is enjoying growing popularity.

    Dream Forest , Ttukseom Park, Seoul Animation Center at Namsan

    The Mobile Caricature Drawing for Citizens program has enabled more than 2,000 Koreans and foreign nationals to be caricatured during the month of April, receiving a highly positive response from participants. As such, the program is emerging as a representative cultural experience of the Korean capital.

    Since April, the caricature drawing event has taken place from 1 ~ 6 pm on Saturdays and Sundays at major hotspots in Seoul, including Gwanghwamun Square, the city’s flagship square; Dream Forest, the representative park of northern Seoul; Seonyudo Park, Korea’s first recycling eco-park; the J-Bug, a popular attraction at Ttukseom Hangang Park; and the Seoul Animation Center at Namsan, a hub of comics and animation.

    Encouraged by its immense popularity, the City Government aims to expand the program to provide more people with opportunities to experience the novelty of caricatures by holding the event at the Dongdaemun History and Culture Park, an emerging hotspot of Seoul, starting in the Family Month of May.

    For further information on the program, please contact the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Culture and Design Industries Division (+82-2-2171-2438), or the Seoul Animation Center (+82-2-3455-8318)