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  • Mission 4 – Namdaemun Markets Mandu Shop

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    Namdaemun Markets Big, Yummy Mandu!
    One is actually enough for snack. But for me, I always finish three as lunch!

    Every time I visit the Metrobank branch at Namdaemun, I always make sure I take the subway so that I can pass by that small shop selling those big mandus Korean dumplings. From Exit 5 of the Hoehyeon Namdaemun Station, I turn right and voila! That small shop with a white banner is always full of patrons. And Im not talking about that shop selling discounted jackets and shirts next to it. Ha-ha-ha!

    My box full of ten yummy mandus

    A few times, I got unlucky because I didnt bother lining up before heading to Metrobank. But today, I decided to get a boxful even before heading to the bank. Outside, a couple of ajummas in their signature uniforms with aprons and caps, calling on passers-by to taste their mandu. On some days, they dont even need to call out. Hungry passers-by like me and tourists like those on the photos just line up and clean up their display.

    People lining up to secure their own stash of the
    yummy mandu

    And they are good as its price! For ten pieces of these huge mandus, only KRW6,000! And thats one box! So, after a hurried trip to Metrobank, I usually arrive back at my desk happy and excited! Yes, I am that ma-babaw shallow! Ha-ha-ha!

    The shops banner says hwang mandu, meaning king mandu. And theyre not kidding. Their mandus are both fit for the kings appetite, or that of a hungry passer-by.