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  • Mission 4 – Myeongdongs Andong chimdak

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    Today In Myeong-dong: Hot, Spicy Chicken On A Cold Day!

    I had a sudden urge to visit Myeong-dong. Although it was very cold outside, it was sunny which helped temperatures rise in a thermometers mercuric scale. So, I texted my fiend JK, who happened to work just in the area to join me on a Myeong-dong lunchee!

    I got off at the Myeong-dong Station and headed towards the area where his office building was. And as I expected, even on a weekday, at noon time, Myeong-dong was still full of tourists and locals, who filled every alley in the area.

    I originally wanted to go back to the soondae restaurant we visited the last time, but he said it was closed. So, we wandered around the alleys of Myeong-dong and ended up at Andong Chimdak, a restaurant which serves spicy chicken in soy sauce with glass noodles, sliced potatoes and carrots. This was actually a better idea than soondae! This dish reminds me of a Filipino dish, adobo, but this ones spicy and saucy!

    This big dish is only good for two hungry people

    Over lunch, we chatted and kept each other up to date about our torturous lives in Seoul ha-ha-ha! and how we are able to cope with such difficulties in surviving this existence ha-ha-ha!. And while we were munching, this good friend surprised me with a gift! A new cellphone case for my Samsung Galaxy S2! No wonder he asked me what my phone model was before we met up. And not only that, this yummy lunch was his treat! Kamsa-hamnida, JK!

    The yummy chimdak and my new cellphone case

    And after cleaning up with big chimdak dish, we headed out in the cold to look for the nearest Starbucks coffee shop. This time, its my treat! And since it was holding its 2013 Starbucks diary sticker promo, we decided on the Christmas coffee menu to get those red stickers.

    Using my Starbucks prepaid card, we got a Peppermint Mocha and Toffee Nut Latte, and instead of getting just two stickers, I got four! Why? Lets just say I always charm my way through something. Ha-ha-ha!

    Two coffees, a cellphone case and stickers

    Thanks again, JK and Myeong-dong!. Though it was wintry cold, it was still an enjoyable time outdoors!