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  • Mission 4 – Koong Mandu Restaurant in Insadong

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    Those Yummy Dumplings at Insadongs Koong Mandu
    I always rave about things I enjoy….eating! Ha-ha-ha! Obvious, ba?

    And if I like a restaurant, I make sure other people would be able to enjoy their goodies, too. I dont exactly expect anything in return from helping them market their shops, except maybe for a two-week gym membership to lose those excess kilos from eating! Ha-ha-ha! Why two weeks? I found a way to lose 2 kilos in a week. A two-week membership would ensure I lose more. Ha-ha-ha!

    Customers waiting for Koong restaurant to open

    And when I discovered this mandu dumpling restaurant in Insa-dong with the help of friends, I thought I have tasted one of the best mandus in all my years in Korea!

    Happy customers!

    I always knew that the best recipes are always the ones handed down from one generation to the next. These recipes wouldnt last, unless they have been tested and tasted over the years and even survived a war!.

    And this Koong Restaurant, somewhere in Insa-dongs labyrinth of alleys, serves mandu from the recipe of the familys grandma!

    The grandma, whose portrait hangs in the restaurant, with her white-grey hair and sitting in front of her creations which everyone within her maternal gaze enjoys, must have perfected the recipe of the flavor, the veggies, the meat and everything else in each mandu.

    Grandmas portrait
    Each piece of the dumpling is heavy and filling, but I think I had about four at one time! I just couldnt get enough of the flavor, the aroma and of course, the history of each piece!


    And Im sure, if youre able to find the place, you would be able to experience the same! Heres their website, where you can find the map and directions.


    Now, I think I need to schedule another trip to Insa-dong soon. Burp!