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Global Seoul Mate Activities

  • Mission 4 – Itaewons Macaroni Market

  • Alfonso Delgado 985

    Well, after having dinner Gangnam style last month, it was time to have dinner at a nearer neighborhood. And last weekend, I was able to find an excuse for that.

    The view from our table

    My friend Woongjae just arrived from London for a vacation and got me an Olympic Rowing t-shirt! Kamsa-hamnida, dear friend! Well, actually, I asked him to get me one. Ha-ha-ha!

    So, on a late Saturday afternoon, we dragged our hungry tummies to Itaewons Macaroni Market restaurant, which was on a second floor with a view overlooking the main street.

    When we walked in, I specifically asked for a table at the window-side so we could watch everyone else and the traffic! strolling down the sidewalks while were having dinner – Itaewon style.

    But the manager told us that all tables by the window were all reserved. But luckily, all reservations were at 7PM! We had almost two hours to borrow one of those reserved tables!

    Our interests on the menu zeroed in on those mussels for appetizers, which, as it turned out, were very good. And I also didnt regret picking a lamb dish and one of my friends wrapped salmons. Well, he asked me to pick one in exchange, of course, for one of my Mary Had A Little Lamb chops. Ha-ha-ha!

    Well, Itaewon is my neighborhood, and Gangnam is not. So, it was quite enjoyable for me to invite a friend over to my home, although I dont actually cook! Ha-ha-ha!

    And compared to my dinner in Gangnam with Soo-Jin and James, where Bae Yong-Joon didnt even grace us with his Winter Sonata presence at his restaurant, my dinner in Itaewon had a better view, had a more delicious menu but just as pricey! and had its own Itaewon style.