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Global Seoul Mate Activities

  • Mission 1: Seoul is…

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    Seoul is… a love story.
    Many will come to Seoul and instantly fall in love may it be with the vibrant city, the alluring food, the intoxicating culture or with the friendly people. Seoul in itself is a city of love. Walking down the streets its not hard to catch glimpses love. A vivid memory of mine while in Seoul consists of couples holding hands while strolling along the streets enjoying the pleasant weather and the lovely views of Seoul. Another favorite memory of mine is the memory of couples happily chatting together in cafes with loving smiles and hands tangled into each other’s. It makes my heart smile because I believe I’ll be able to do the same with a special someone one day. A precious memory of walking up to Namsan Tower on the first day of snowfall and while holding hands and sipping on hot coffee… us together locking a lock proclaiming to Seoul the everlastingness of our love. Seoul filled my heart with love and I believe that many also will be filled with love once coming to Seoul. Seoul after all is a love story waiting to happen. %3C3