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  • Midsummer Night Zoo Opens on Weekends at Seoul Grand Park

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    Midsummer Night Zoo Opens on Weekends at Seoul Grand Park

    The Seoul Grand Park will open the zoo on weekend nights temporarily so that people can visit the zoo during cooler hours.
    Duration: Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Independence Day during July 28 – August 20, 2017
    Hours of Operation: Until 9pm (Admission by 8pm)
    ※ The Zoo will be open until 7pm Mon – Fri during July 28 – August 20, 2017

    A wider selection of programs will be operated during the night opening including night ecology explanations and animal feeding. Follow the seven viewing points to take full advantage of the night zoo.

    Seven viewing points at the Night Zoo! (※Only available in Korean)

    • ① Flamingo Ecology Explanation: 8:00pm
      – Explanation of the flamingo’s ecology and viewing of the flamingos’ dance routine
    • ② Giraffe Ecology Explanation: 7:00pm
      – Explanation of the giraffe’s ecology and viewing of giraffe’s sitting down
    • ③ 1st African Pavilion: 6:00pm ~ 9:00pm
      – Display of tiger hiding inside the exhibition hall and touching animal bones
    • ④ Desert fox (100th anniversary plaza): 7:30pm
      – Observing the group living of the desert fox
    • ⑤ Ape Pavilion: 7:50pm ~ 8:10pm
      – Monkey tour and cool mist fountain
    • ⑥ Lion ecology explanation: 7:30pm
      – Take a peek at how a lion hunts by throwing food to the lion
    • ⑦ Tiger Forest: 7:00pm
      – Watch how a tiger eats at night and attend the ecology explanation

    To make sure that the animals do not suffer from the night opening, all lighting has been adjusted to closely resemble the intensity of each animal’s natural habitat. It may appear to be slightly dark at first. Follow along the animal footprint lighting on the trail for a night forest excursion.

    The Seoul Grand Park is easily accessible from Seoul and Gyeonggi-do regions by Subway. Breathe in the clear air from Cheonggyesan Mountain and relax while viewing various animals.

    Transportation: Exit 1 at Seoul Grand Park Station (Line 4)
    – Adults KRW 5,000, Children KRW 2,000
    – Elephant Train Ticket: Adults KRW 1,000, Children KRW 700
    – Sky Lift Adults KRW 5,500, Children KRW 3,500

    ※ Restaurants and convenience stores inside Seoul Grand Park will be open until 9pm.

    □ Recommended Course 1: Main Gate ↔ Main Gate

    • ○ Flamingo Pavilion → Giraffe Observatory → 100th Anniversary Plaza → Ape Pavilion → Lion Pavilion → Oriental Pavilion → Tiger Forest

    Midsummer Night Zoo Opens on Weekends at Seoul Grand Park

    □ Recommended Course 2: Lift ↔ Main Gate

    • ○ Tiger Forest → Oriental Pavilion → 3AF → Ape Pavilion → 100th Anniversary Plaza → Giraffe Pavilion → Flamingo Pavilion → Main Gate

    Midsummer Night Zoo Opens on Weekends at Seoul Grand Park