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  • Midnight bus (Owl Bus) Service Carries Over 6,000 Passengers/Day in Its First 50 Days

  • Traffic News SMG 7346

    According to Seoul Metropolitan Government (City Transportation Headquaters), the midnight Owl bus service has been running for fifty days, from September 13 to November 1. Expanded from two to nine lines, the service has so far carried a total of 303,940 passengers, averaging 6,079 a day. Each bus has averaged a total of 138 passengers per day, with 5.8 boarding at each stop (1,056 bus stops).

    By line, the pilot operation line N26 (Gangseo – Jungnang) carried the largest number of passengers, at 1,214 a day, followed by N37 (Eunpyeong – Songpa) at 946, N61 (Sinjeong – Nowon) at 880, and N16 (Dobong – Onsu) at 868.



    By day of the week, the early-morning period on Saturdays saw the largest number of passengers, averaging 7,333 per day, up 1,254 from the daily average. This was followed by Wednesdays (6,731), Fridays (6,611), Thursdays (6,536) and Sundays (6,166).

    By time period, 01:00~02:00 saw the largest number of passengers at 1,696 (27.9%), followed by 02:00~03:00 with 1,657 (27.3%); thus, 55.2% of all passengers boarded midnight buses during the two hours from 01:00-03:00. This was followed by 03:00~04:00 (1,325 people, 21.8%), 00:00~01:00 (795, 13.1%), and 04:00~05:00 (607, 10.0%).

    By demographic category, members of the public and company employees accounted for 64.6% (4,158 passengers), followed by drivers for hire at 23.5% (1,514) and students at 11.9% (763). About 77% of all passengers were males, with the proportion of female passengers rising to 23% from 12.3% during the pilot period.

    After the introduction of the expanded midnight bus service, the number of taxis refusing to accept passengers decreased from the same period of the previous year.

    The number of taxis refusing to take passengers amounted to 1,218 from October 1 – 31, 2012, but the figure fell by 8.9% (108) to 1,110 in the same period of 2013.