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  • Mexican Food in Seoul

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    My search for Mexican food in Seoul

    Hey everyone!

    Its time to talk about one of my favorite things ever…. Mexican Food!, funny how I used to write about Korean Food in Mexico and now Im doing the opposite.

    3 months ago I left Mexico, Ive never been away from my home-country for so long, surprisingly, what I miss the most is the Food, you can say Im food-homesick?, almost 2 years ago I posted My 12 reasons to visit Korea and 1 of them was eating Mexican food in Korea, so, of course when we decided to spend some…more time in Korea I knew we would be definitely doing it.

    The only place Ive read before was Vatos Urban Tacos, mostly on twitter, they are pretty popular in Seoul, specially for their Kimchi Carnitas fries, then I read about Cirilos on Jay Parks twitter account This seems to be his favorite place to have Mexican food and last but not least, I found an article about the Top 12 restaurants in Seoul and Don Charly had made it to the list, I saw this place on our 1st day in Seoul but didnt know it was THAT good, so, heres a little review of this 3 places.